Alpha Music MFG News

LP’s and 45’s are making a huge comeback. Why? Music brokers promoting bands are using this media more frequently because this “niche medium” is preferred by many artists. There are many reasons why this medium is becoming more attractive for musicians to sell their albums and art. Based on the value and the bottom line of the product, the cost is lower to release the album or 45. LP’s retain their value and offer the consumer more for the money. Album art, lyrics, bios and artwork enhance the product enabling the musicians to reach a demography that otherwise is overlooked by “mainstream” marketing tactics. Several artists release ONLY on LP’s and 45’s. The following is nothing less than huge. Seemingly, this media is a “slap in the face” to the typical corporate machine which is quite appealing to many, an instant “foot in the door” to a consistently buying consumer. Whether releasing only on “wax” is a marketing tactic or just listeners choice, sales and manufacturing are both up 80% since 2008.
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